Building a Fuel Hydrogen Value Chain for Heavy Transport in a Net Zero Future

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Moderator: David Layzell
Presenter: Adnan Khan

The transition to net-zero emission energy systems requires a major effort to displace carbon-based energy carriers like gasoline, diesel, and natural gas with zero-emission energy carriers such as low-carbon electricity and hydrogen. The use of hydrogen as a fuel will require the creation of a new value chain that connects supply to demand.

This webinar serves as a progress update on research from Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB’s upcoming report “The Techo-economics of a Hydrogen Value Chain Supporting Heavy Transport.” During this event, The Transition Accelerator team will take you through an analysis of different value chains for making hydrogen available to heavy-duty vehicles and how to achieve an economy-of-scale and further the energy transition in Canada. A Q&A session follows.

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