As Canada transitions to a low-carbon economy, all of our futures are linked together. That’s why we’re working cooperatively to ensure we take advantage of this opportunity to develop a low-carbon hydrogen economy and position the Edmonton Region, Alberta, and Canada for long-term economic success in the clean energy future.

Our Partners


“This investment to launch the Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB to accelerate the production and distribution of hydrogen fuel is part of our government’s Hydrogen Strategy and will help us achieve our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. Today’s announcement demonstrates how our government is committed to investing in the economy, creating jobs and supporting our energy workers.”

– The Honourable Jim Carr, Special Representative for the Prairies

“Hydrogen has the potential to be not just a key part of the world’s cleaner energy future, but the future of Alberta’s dynamic energy industry. The launch of the Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB is a critical step towards building that future by establishing the local connections which will pave the way for provincial, national, and international networks in the years to come. The Government of Alberta is proud to be a partner in the development of this first Canadian HUB and we look forward to continuing our partnership with The Transition Accelerator, other levels of government, and industry as the hydrogen economy continues to gather momentum.”

– Dale Nally, Associate Minister, Natural Gas and Electricity, Government of Alberta

“Hydrogen is redefining how we use our natural resources and the Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association is proud to support the Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB and its goal of accelerating a strong pan-Canadian hydrogen economy. Enthusiasm for hydrogen may be new to the world, but it’s not new to us. Advanced infrastructure, innovation, a highly skilled workforce, and low-cost feedstock position our region as a leader in Canada’s hydrogen future. Our team is committed to stewarding this relevant work for our economy and our environment.”

– Alanna Hnatiw, Chair, Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB, Chair, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association and Mayor, Sturgeon County

“Achieving the low-carbon economy required of us will be a challenge; the hydrogen HUB checks all the boxes representing solutions to this challenge including: practical use of our current energy sector infrastructure and resources, the opportunity to be a global leader in an emerging industry, and the local unprecedented collaboration needed to achieve our ambitions.”

– William Morin, Chief, Enoch Cree Nation

“The Edmonton region has the resources, talent, infrastructure, and innovative spirit to be a leader in the clean energy future. The creation of the Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB is the first step in ensuring we’re well-positioned to take advantage of a “hydrogen boom” that will create local jobs by quickly scaling up the use and production of hydrogen as a fuel which will ensure our region is winning economically and environmentally.”

– Don Iveson, Mayor, City of Edmonton

“Strathcona County is proud to be a part of the Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB. This is an opportunity to be leaders and innovators by growing large-scale hydrogen production, which will bring investment and jobs to our region and meet demand for a low-carbon, clean energy future.”

– Rod Frank, Mayor, Strathcona County

“Canada and the world are transitioning to a low-carbon, zero emission clean energy future. In order to accomplish this clean energy future, alternative energy sources must be found to replace hydrocarbons. One very feasible alternative to hydrocarbons is hydrogen. Lamont County is honoured to be part of the Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB alliance to develop, promote, and market a hydrogen economy in the region.”

– David Diduck, Reeve, Lamont County

“The world is moving towards a net-zero future to address climate change, and it is vital that we commit to the solutions that will get us there now. Low-carbon hydrogen is not only an enabler for a net-zero future – it will also ensure our long-term economic competitiveness. The launch of the Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB is an investment in our clean energy future, a significant step forward in the creation of a pan-Canadian hydrogen economy and a signal that Canada has entered the global race to produce, use and export low-carbon hydrogen.”

– Dan Wicklum, CEO, The Transition Accelerator

“Hydrogen will play a huge part in addressing the catastrophic impacts of climate change around the world and the Edmonton Metropolitan Region has a number of competitive advantages. It is one of the lowest cost places in the world to make low-carbon hydrogen and we already have a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce in our energy sector. But these advantages won’t last forever – we must act now. The hydrogen HUB model will ensure we’re being proactive and strategic to take advantage of this opportunity that will bring significant and positive impacts to our regional economy.”

– Malcolm Bruce, CEO, Edmonton Global

“Low emission hydrogen represents an enormous environmental and economic opportunity for Alberta, Canada, and the world. The Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB is key part of our integrated and aligned efforts to put in place all the conditions for success needed to realize hydrogen’s true potential in Alberta.”

– Steve MacDonald, CEO, Emissions Reduction Alberta