Case Study: Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Port Trucking Operations

Thursday, August 24, 2023

11am – 12pm MT


Moderator: Deborah Pietrusik, Senior Advisor, Prairies Canada

Presenter: Jacob Goldberg, Environmental Specialist, Port of Los Angeles

About the webinar:

The Port of Los Angeles, in conjunction with Kenworth Truck Company, Toyota, Shell, and others, recently demonstrated a collaborative zero-emission goods movement project focused on the use of hydrogen fuel cells in heavy-duty trucks for port service. The project exhibited supply chain transport from “Shore to Store” utilizing zero-emission advanced technology. The Shore to Store project is funded with a $41,122,260 grant from the California Air Resources Board and an additional $41,426,612 in matching contributions from project partners. The presentation will discuss the project results and showcase the potential of hydrogen as a zero-emissions fuel platform for heavy-duty goods movement.

About the presenter:

Jacob Goldberg is an Environmental Specialist in the Port of Los Angeles’ Environmental Management Division. As part of the Air Quality team, Mr. Goldberg is the project manager for the Technology Advancement Program, overseeing the funding of technology demonstration projects at the Port, as well as coordinating applications to grant opportunities from other sources on behalf of partners at the Port. He is currently managing a variety of active demonstration projects, including the testing of a wireless charging system for heavy-duty yard trucks. He was also the Port’s lead staff on the Port of Los Angeles Shore to Store Project, a $83 Million project that deployed 10 hydrogen heavy-duty trucks and two new heavy-duty fueling stations in the Port region.

About the moderator:

Deborah Pietrusik joined PrairiesCan in Oct 2021 and has the role of Senior Advisor in two areas: with the Policy and Strategic Direction unit advocating for federal programs such as the Strategic Innovation Fund, Clean Fuels Fund, Accelerated Growth Service and Global Hypergrowth Project initiatives; as well as managing the Clean Technology and Resources Tiger Team within the Alberta Region with a focus on hydrogen, critical minerals, circular economy, clean electricity, CCUS and emerging clean tech opportunities. Deborah is driven by her interest in eco-industrial cluster developments and energy and related value chains. Her career with government and industry has taken her all over the world, allowing her to apply what she has learned from her international experience to the local region.

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