Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production From The Oil Sands

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Moderator: Dr. David Layzell, University of Calgary / The Transition Accelerator
Presenter: Hamid Rahmanifard, The Transition Accelerator

In the global transition to net-zero emission energy systems, the demand for traditional fossil fuels must decline dramatically, presumably reducing oil prices and adversely impacting the economy of oil-producing regions like Alberta. However, there will still be a need for chemical-based transportation fuels, especially in heavy-duty vehicles where grid electrification is not a credible alternative. Low-carbon hydrogen, which can be made from natural gas coupled to carbon capture and storage, is rapidly emerging as the fuel of choice for these vehicles in a net zero future.

In this webinar, The Transition Accelerator staff explores the technical feasibility and cost of making low-carbon hydrogen from oil sands, based on their upcoming report on this matter. A Q&A session follows.

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