Pathways to Low-Carbon Space Heating in Edmonton, AB:
Electrification vs. Hydrogen

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

11am-12pm MT


Barbra Korol, Executive Director, Alberta Department of Energy and Minerals


Brodie Chalmers, Manager, Hydrogen System Planning, ATCO

About the Webinar

Much has been made of the need to “electrify everything.” Recently, there has been strong focus on the need to electrify space heating in Canada. But is this really the optimal pathway across the country? This presentation explores the costs of low-carbon space heating pathways in Edmonton, Alberta at the system and individual levels, in consideration of the required utility infrastructure to support such a transition.

Join us for this important conversation on finding the most efficient, effective and affordable pathway to reducing emissions, and be sure to take part in the Q&A after the webinar.


About the Presenter

Brodie Chalmers is a mechanical engineer with more than 20 years of experience in distribution design, transmission planning, and midstream project development. More recently he has dedicated his time to natural gas system decarbonization with a focus on hydrogen infrastructure design and project economics. He was responsible for developing some of ATCO’s most significant capital projects including the urban pipeline replacement program and the Pioneer Pipeline acquisition. His significant knowledge of energy systems enables pursuit of optimal and least-cost pathways to decarbonization at scale.

About the Moderator

Barbra Korol is presently employed as Executive Director, Special Projects at the Alberta Energy and Minerals. This is a transitional role as she has announced her intention to retire from the Alberta Public Service in mid-2024. Barbra has been at the nexus of natural gas industry for 24 years – both with industry and government – having lead accountability for key provincial files including hydrogen, LNG, plastics circular economy and petrochemicals.

Barbra has worked in public policy, government relations and public affairs for more than 25 years. She has served as corporate media spokesperson and been a designated representative on various boards and business associations such as the Clean Air Strategic Alliance, Fort Air Partnership, Northeast Capital Industrial Association and Chemistry Industry Association of Canada. In 2005 she was named an Ambassador for the City of Fort Saskatchewan and in 2022 she was awarded a Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal (QPJM) for outstanding service to Albertans.

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